Friday, October 24, 2008

Video+blogging= a video blogger

Steve Garfield of
Steve is a videoblogger and journalism professor at Boston University. In January 2004, Garfield took on a new media role: video journalist and blogger united. If you ask him what his job title is, he'll tell you he's an enthusiastic videoblogger. Confused as to what a videoblogger is and does? Well, it's quite simple. His blog is narrated by short videos of stories he's covered. Writing is replaced by compact mini-news packages and editing isn't always necessary. The shots don't have to be perfect and interviews include conversation. As a new media journalist, Garfield writes, edits, films, interviews, produces, and reports all of his stories by himself. In addition to his wide range of journalism skills, his upbeat, friendly personality shines through on camera.

Let's go over what Steve has to offer.

Cup O Politics is a humorous take on the political game. There is an amusing spoof on Hilary Clinton being eliminated from the presidential race to the song "Desperado." The video is clever and the lyrics changed to mock Hilary's failure:

"Desperado, why don't you come to your senses?
You've been out losing races for so long now
Oh, you're a hard one
I know that you've got your reasons
But I wish you would keep them
To yourself and just step down."

His one-person citizen journalism also discusses his take on pop culture and technology. "Off on a Tangent" includes a HILARIOUS dance-off between McCain and Obama. You definitely need to watch this for a good laugh. So funny. He has some reports up on CNN iReport too and they are included in the "Off on a Tangent" section.

Garfield's video blog reports on everything from how to cook schrod, a young cod fish, to an old 1931 rolls royce ( awesome car). Videoblogging is a creative, relaxed combination of blogging and broadcast journalism. Reporters have the freedom to incorporate their personality into their work and add some life to it.

Furthermore, he has the ability to connect to a live feed called Qik. After he spoke to our Reinventing the News class, Garfield demonstrated how easy it is to film a live shot with his tiny Nokia N95 camera phone. Technology has enabled journalists to do amazing things!

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