Sunday, October 5, 2008

Palin's Fall from Grace

Thursday's vice presidential debate.

Biden vs. Sarah Palin.

We all watched it and reached similar conclusions.

Biden prevailed, while Palin stumbled and then stumbled some more.

Northeastern University Professor Dan Kennedy offers a humorous yet insightful analysis of the debate hit for hit (or in many cases hit for miss). His live-blogging of the Palin-Biden debate mocks Palin's weak responses, including the absurd number of times she referred to John McCain as a "maverick." (Technorati Authority: 174)

J.L. Bell is a Massachusetts writer who has a blog called Boston 1775 which discusses "History, analysis, and unabashed gossip about the start of the American Revolution in Massachusetts." Bell was annoyed by Palin's consistent use of the term "maverick" and posted a detailed clarification of the term and its historical meaning. (Technorati Authority: 33)

What else are Bostonians saying about Biden's and Palin's performance??

Some are irritated because Palin credited the famous phrase "city upon a hill" to Ronald Reagan. John Winthrop is the correct answer. Andrew Bacevich describes the history behind the founding of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and offers context behind the phrase "city upon a hill." Boston. Read the summary at Universal Hub or the full text at the Huffington Post. (Technorati Authority: 296)

Bostonians hate Sarah Palin as much as they hate the idea of state income tax.
(Technorati Authority: 27)

The Blue Mass. Group has a pretty funny chart mapping out Palin's plan of attack on Thursday. (Technorati Authority: 195) As mean as it is, I can't help but laugh at the "Debate Flow Chart". She is seriously getting the third degree. There are several posts discussing the disaster the United States and poor John McCain witnessed this past week. Not only are Boston residents cracking jokes about Palin's less than accurate facts and inability to answer a question, but SNL is also contributing to the ego bruising. Palin is receiving a brutal national mocking, which is a direct reflection of liberal views here in Boston.

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