Wednesday, October 8, 2008

DNC wants YOU (and your money)

Today I walked around Boston (on a gorgeous, warm fall day) looking for some interesting news photos. I was hoping to run into a really exciting breaking news a riot gone bad. Unfortunately I didn't find that, but I discovered members of the Democratic National Committee scattered up and down Newbury Street. They were promoting Obama and persuading Bostonians to contribute their green. Check out my pictures.

Wired Journalists is Facebook for journalists, but not as creepy. I'm probably the only college student who doesn't have Facebook. I deleted it because I thought it was too much. Yes, I went through slight withdrawal, but I don't miss it very much or the ridiculous amount of time I wasted looking at my friends' profiles.

I joined three groups so far:
1. Get Wired, Get Hired
2. Elections and Politics
3. Northeastern University

Get Wired, Get Hired is a great group to join because you can read advice from fellow journalists, post questions, and search for job postings. The only problem is the group is in need of some serious participation. There have only been five comments since March 25, 2008. At the same time, the positions posted appear legitimate and are located in newsrooms throughout the country. I am graduating in December so Wired Journalists is a tool I will use to its full potential. Is my dream job waiting for me to find it on Wired Journalists?! You never know and at least their is potential for opportunity. I hope by posting a comment I can fuel some conversation among members in the group.

I've spent a little time on Wired Journalists after signing up two days ago. It's a great resource, especially for networking. I will definitely continue using it after I complete my profile, join more groups, and make friends. Uploading pictures was a very simple process. In general, navigating Wired Journalists takes very little effort. A semi-serious commitment is required to build a profile and establish yourself, but the site isn't frustrating to work with.

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