Saturday, September 27, 2008

True or False: Check the facts about candidates

There are endless online resources available to help Americans make the best decision about which presidential candidate to vote for. Let's evaluate and discuss a few I have spent time surfing and reading.

The purpose of
Factcheck is to allow browsers to search for political information online. You want to confirm or disprove that rumor about Senator Obama? Well, type in and click on Hot Topics, which has a long list of questions from concerned Americans with detailed responses. What's great about this section is that you can initially read a condensed response, but click again for a very specific, longer explanation. I think this is a smart idea because often people want to look something up and immediately find the answer without reading a two page article. But, if it's a topic someone is truly interested in learning about, there is the option to investigate further. is a really great site. It's engaging from the moment you skim over the homepage. Instead of overwhelming you with information and headlines, the site is broken down into eight sections. Click on the TRUTH-O-METER because you know you want to. It tells you if a statement or rumor is true, mostly true, half true, barely true, or false. Remember, ultimately one must pass their own judgement and not simply go by the site's review! Be smart and always get your news from a wide range of reliable sources!

Project vote smart offers alot of links to political websites, but doesn't directly present any information. I think it's a good source if you have unlimited time to surf the web, but definitely need time to sit down and search it.

Go to Congress votes database to find out how members of Congress voted over the past seventeen years. Look at the profiles of John McCain and Barack Obama. See how many times McCain and Obama voted against their party since 1991. This is great data to get your hands on all at the click of a mouse. I made some interesting comparisons by reviewing key votes made by both candidates. For example, both individuals declined to vote on the July, 26, 2007 amendement to the Homeland Security Act.

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