Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Favorite Political Blogs

Blogs. Blogging. Journalism. Today the term blogging has established itself as the newest form of journalism. Blogs have earned a great deal of attention in the media world. Yes, I have written blogs for previous journalism classes, but I never considered myself an avid blog reader or writer. Hopefully, that will all change as I dive into the blogging media world and devote more time to reading the blogs of others.

I decided to focus on politics and more specifically the presidential race because I mean honestly.....there is nothing else covered in the news these days. Given the prominence of the upcoming 2008 presidential election in the media and the impact its results will have on our nation; I feel very compelled to talk about politics.

The race is in full swing with only forty-eight days until the election, but political journalists invaded the
internet long ago voicing their approval and disapproval over particular candidates.

Here are several blogs I like:

Pajamas Media has a solid variety of political blogs. Some concentrate on McCain and Obama, while others are from the viewpoint of soldiers fighting for our nation in the Middle East. Acute Politics is written by soldiers stationed in Kuwait. The posts are really powerful considering they're written from a first hand account and there are additional links to a long list of war zone blogs.

Of course the list of sources for political banter is endless.
The Corner on offers some witty perspective on Sarah Palin and challenges the campaign of both presidential candidates. There is mention of the failing economy and the Lehman Bros disaster, too. "The demise of Lehman Bros will be mourned perhaps most by the environmental movement."

Lastly, I recommend to take a look at two blogs that don't directly relate to politics.....
Perez Hilton is the first. I know not many people read it (sarcasm) or should I say don't admit to reading entertainment news. I love journalism and covering serious issues, but it's fun and necessary to keep up with the celebrity news and gossip!!

Drudge Report is a decent resource for web links and a wide variety of news. I wouldn't rely on it as my primary news outlet, but it's worthwhile to read over and use as a stepping stone to other online news sources.

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