Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Girl Power!

As a well-educated, independent, strong female I want to see influential women in power. I am currently waiting for the first female president to be elected to office. But, I don't mind the anticipation because she needs to and will set the necessary precedent for future presidents; male or female. Eventually, the day will come.

Regardless of your political opinion of Sarah
Palin, I think women have to unite and agree it's extremely encouraging to see a female as McCain's running mate. For a moment, Democratic women, please suppress your angry words of disapproval about the McCain campaign. It is comforting to know women are fighting for leadership positions in this country. Although Hillary Clinton was eliminated from the election, she is another example of a solid female presence in a male dominated democracy. I'm happy women of all ages, especially young girls, see female leaders emerging and growing in numbers. I hope girls realize they have the ability to become president one day if they chose to pursue a political path.

Since John McCain officially announced Pallin as his vice president potential, she dramatically turned the media attention on herself and McCain's campaign. The poor Obama movement was left in the dust. The Alaskan governor is also a mother with a infant son and pregnant 17 year-old daughter. She is a mother, wife, and career woman. Regardless of her political agenda and whether you agree with her stance on the issues, she is a strong role model for women. It is possible to successfully achieve a balanacing act between motherhood and pursuing your career.

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