Monday, November 24, 2008


The internet offers so many resources today that it's difficult to keep up. Even as a person who is constantly reading and watching the news, there is always something new to be discovered.

NewsTrust offers individuals, journalists or not, the opportunity to freely critique and review news stories. As with most social networking sites, you can create a profile and add a picture of yourself.

NewsTrust can be valuable for two reasons: to have people comment on your writing and to comment on the writing of others. It can be used as a free editing session, although some people may simply have an agenda to express. Simultaneously, I assume most people who take the time to go on Newstrust actually have a legitimate incentive to submit and review stories. Of course there is always one person who has to be obnoxious, but offering and receiving constructive criticism should be a positive process. I am new to the site and the idea, but I don't have any serious problems with the idea. I think people need to be careful just like with any other internet resource, always take what you read into consideration, but don't be a fool.

I read and reviewed three similar articles about Barack Obama's economic news conference this afternoon. I chose three stories on the Citigroup crisis and related issues to make a clear contrast. I wanted to compare how each reporter approached the story and evaluate the information they incorporated or in some cases, left out.


Another Crisis, Another Guarantee...
Obama Presents Team...

Obama Shows Financial Markets...

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