Friday, November 7, 2008

Emily Sweeney says 123 Party

You remember party boy from the MTV show Jackass?? Well, the trio dance group 123 Party is the Boston version.

Boston Globe reporter Emily Sweeney covered the dancers performing in Harvard Square on February 24, 2007. 123 Party caused quite a stir throughout the city, but are rumored to be broken up now because one member moved to NY.

Watch Emily's video of 123 Party and decide for yourself (you don't want to miss the spandex or obnoxious green shirts)....outrageous or highly entertaining?

Sweeney's fresh, innovative approach to journalism is reflective of her unique personality. An award-winning journalist, she is a Boston Globe staff reporter and a multi-media journalist incorporated into one. Her skills are reflective of the existing qualifications for young journalists in a multi-media society. You need to know how to do everything. And the more you know, the better off you are. Being a journalist these days means knowing how to write, report, edit, film video, take pictures, and blog.

As Emily explained, the format and quality of the videos she shoots for aren't the same news packages you watch on NECN or any other news station. She likes to include the questions she asks during an interview because that's how it actually happened. A laid back approach to news videos allows for freedom and creativity from a journalist's standpoint. Often she doesn't have time to edit a video with the goal of perfection because she has a written article and a deadline to meet. The video portion of her stories is the icing on the cake. Words brought to life.

Creativity makes her writing and video reporting exciting. Her video on Boston Slang is a solid example of what thinking outside the box and technology can collaboratively produce. Sweeney assisted Globe correspondent, Billy Baker, in presenting his story about Bostonian vocabulary.

Instead of simply recording people saying "bubbla" and "jimmy", the duo compiled a series of pictures, video, and sound to convey the meaning of historical Boston phrases. Presentation is not important, but essential. When you're telling a story with words or with pictures and sound, you have to spice it up with some personality. Thanks to the newly established videobloggers and journalism's aggressive presence on the web, journalists have a greater opportunity to develop an individual reporting style.

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What a boring world it would be without plenty of "Jack Asses" walking around among us!!!